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Start From Diabolo Assicoation (S.F.D) 

本會正式成立於2012年,即秉持著當初立會的宗旨「發揚民俗體育運動,辦理全國性及國際性之民俗體育運動比賽及參訪交流活動,藉此促進國民外交,增進全民健康」,除常態性舉辦免費教學服務,藉此培育優秀扯鈴選手參與國內外賽事及登上表演舞台,也經常性舉辦國內外扯鈴團體交流參訪活動,另也積極參與及協助辦理各項公益活動協演以實際行動來關懷弱勢。本會設理事長一人及理監事18名,並設祕書長、會計、出納及文書。現任理事長 張健正先生 為本會第三屆理事長。統編:31831509 .

We are Start From Diabolo Assicoation (S.F.D), located in Taipei City, Taiwan, Founded on 2012 and by a group of diabolo loving kids and parents in Taipei. We want to make Diabolo more popular, to attract more kids/Adults to learn this skilful and charming sport. We have a dialobo team, comprised by over 40 kids, ranged from grade 1 to grade 10, regular training sessions were held on weekly basis. Diabolo team took invitations of performance from any activities, commercial or non-commercial. Also kids attended diabolo competitions in Taiwan, Malaysia, Macau and China with good results. These experiences, like performing diabolo on stage, or winning the title in diabolo competitions, could greatly enhance self confidence of kids. We want to teach kids not only the skill of dialobo, but also the spirits of cooperation and team work.


In addition to the Diabolo team, we also provide diabolo training class to the public, free of charge. The Training class were divided into 4 levels - Junior, Advance 1, Advance 2 and Advance 3. Certificates would be issued to those who attend the cvlass and pass the final test. For those who passed all 4 levels and are very interested in diabolo, willing sharpening his/her skill on diabolo, We would highly welcome them to join our diabolo team, after a recruiting test.

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